The importance of physical therapy after a vehicular accident

Vehicular accidents can happen anytime and anywhere. People involved in such accidents are given primary care in the emergency room. However, treatment for vehicular injuries should not end there; one should have a follow-up treatment in an orthopedic clinic and seek the help of an orthopedic doctor.



orthopedic clinic



An orthopedic doctor can give you specialized treatment for broken bones, spinal fractures, torn muscles and ligaments, and other injuries. If you have a spinal fracture, a spine specialist will be provided to you.

Aside from getting treatments from different orthopedic specialists, such as a spine and shoulder specialist, an orthopedic clinic offers physical therapy for those who are injured from vehicular accidents.

So when should you seek the help of a physical therapist?

Go to an orthopedic clinic and check if it offers physical therapy services if you are struggling at doing your daily activities and tasks. It will be your orthopedic doctor who will refer you to a physical therapist.

Rehabilitation through physical therapy helps individuals go back to their daily physical activities and routines normally and recover from the physical trauma brought by the accident. Here are a few benefits you can get from your physical therapy sessions:

· Pain relief

Your physical therapist can help you with relieving the pain acquired from a car accident. Your therapist will let you do exercises and will perform transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) therapy which can help alleviate pain on your muscles, ligaments, joints, and tendons.

· Quick recovery

As mentioned above, a physical therapist can help speed up your recovery and let you go back to your normal daily routine faster. As much as you want to stay in bed after an accident, being physically active can help reduce pain and speed up your recovery.

Physical activities help pump out blood and bring nutrients to the parts that have been injured, allowing natural healing of the body.

· Reduced chances of permanent damage

Physical therapy does not only aim to restore your mobility, flexibility, and strength, but it also prevents permanent damage. According to a study, people who experienced vehicular accidents and have not undergone physical therapy are at risk of having degenerative disc disease, migraine, and chronic pain.

So, if you have had any car accidents in the past (or any type of accident for that matter), it is better that you seek the help of an orthopedic doctor and a physical therapist to avoid serious complications in the future.

· Reduced need of having surgery

Although serious injuries due to car accidents require you to undergo surgeries immediately, non-life-threatening injuries do not. Physical therapy can help you improve the conditions of your tendon, muscles, and ligaments after an accident through exercises.

There are always risks and complications that can happen during surgery, so any non-invasive treatment is always much better. Moreover, getting a surgery from a specialist, such as a shoulder surgeon, is more expensive than having physical therapy sessions.

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