Clinical Pilates Can Be Beneficial for Everyone, Here’s How

If you are looking to improve your balance, strength, and flexibility, then consider clinical pilates (CP) with a certified professional in Moonee Ponds. Pilates is an effective, simple, and safe exercise form that can be done by people suffering from joint pain, pregnant women as well as those recovering from injuries. Pilates exercises combined with physiotherapy allows addressing specific health requirements in one-on-one sessions and small classes.

The musculoskeletal physiotherapist Moonee Ponds clinic has takes the much-loved Pilates to a new level. They are offering sessions that are adjusted to cater to your needs. Below are five reasons why you should sign up for a class today.

Improve overall health

Consistent physical activity is better than nothing at all. Staying active with CP increases the chances of achieving a better state of physical and mental health. Exercises encourage your body to produce hormones such as endorphins, which help your mind to relax and offer you a feel-good sensation. So, regular exercises let you:

  • Clear your head
  • Feel more energetic
  • Stay more productive throughout the day
  • Increase the ability to focus
  • Sleep better at night

While all these are true for just about all exercises, Pilates is a low impact, easy-to-start, and low-stress form of exercise.

Prepares your body for birth

While pregnant, the body undergoes changes that reduce what one can do and clinical pilates sessions can be customized to keep both mother and the unborn baby safe. The classes offer soon-to-be mothers an effective and safe exercise routine that helps their bodies prepare for birth. This type of Pilates ensures that birthing is easier for both baby and mother.

Besides, CP helps strengthen the pelvic floor before, during, and after pregnancy. The pelvic floor is a group of muscles from the end of your spine to the pubic area. Pilates exercises these muscle group as part of the overall movement with some women reporting improved pleasure and smoother delivery.

Provides strengthening power for athletes

A sports physio Moonee Ponds session combined with CP focuses on the maintenance of the neutral spine position while activated core muscles for improved load transfer. The classes help improve core strength, correct and strengthen your posture for better coordination, flexibility and body awareness. The result is you will realise improved balance, circulation, and increased athletic performance overall.

Many top-of-the-world athletes are using CP to reduce their injury rates and improve their performance. As you search for “physio near me” online, look for an establishment that combines Pilates into its sessions. The versatile nature of CP makes it an effective tool to help with major injury rehabilitation as exercise positions are easy to vary.

CP is characterised by controlled but slow movements that help you connect with your body through specific muscle patterning and breath. These exercises help you improve your awareness of the body, its mechanics, and muscle weaknesses and strengths. This mind-body connection and muscle stamina help you stay focused during a game.

Whether you are getting ready for delivery, looking to improve core strength, want to feel healthier, or require rehabilitation, book a clinical pilates session at the Propel Physiotherapy Moonee Ponds clinic. The physiotherapy specialists will customise a program based on your situation. For more information, visit their website at: